Podcast E22: Post-session discussions with Lee Carter, Matt Skeens

The general assembly wraps up their work for the year and we recap with House of Delegate candidate Lee Carter, and chat with Appalachian activist and ACA advocate Matt Skeens about the DNC chair election. Podcast E21: Economy, Governors, General Assembly Updates

We focus on Virginia's economy in the light of changing demographics and economic realities brought on by changes in federal non-defense spending
Congress is in recess, and GOP rep town halls are getting real interesting
Updates on the General Assembly, including the bills on redistricing, coal ash, and e-voting Podcast E20: Indivisible and General Assembly Updates

Our main focus tonight is on which bills are alive or dead following crossover day in the General assembly. We also update you on efforts across the state to hold congressional representatives accountable in resistance to the Trump administration. Podcast E19: Delegate Sam Rasoul

This episode, we have a short update on the ongoing court case against Delegate Rick Morris, environmental news, and talk religious freedom and with Virginia's only Muslim legislator, Delegate Sam Rasoul. Podcast E18: 398th General Assembly Session, Danica Roem, and economic development and jobs

This week: The General Assembly gavels in session following a series of special elections, we interview delegate candidate Danica Roem, and we talk about economic development, jobs and education, along with rest of the news you need to know on our weekly roundup on the podcast. Podcast E17: Upcoming Special Elections and General Assembly Session

This week: Big news in The race for gov'nor as a challenger enters the democratic race against Lt. Gov. Northam, we talk about this Tuesday's special elections including an interview with Virginia Beach delegate candidate Cheryl Turpin, and we update you on some of the bills up for consideration this month in Richmond. This and the rest of the Virginia news you need to know on our weekly news roundup on the podcast. Podcast E16: Courts and elections; 2017 updates

This week: Updates on Del. Rick Morris's felony trial for child cruelty, election laws and gerrymandering in the courts, and updates on 2017 special and statewide elections. We've also got important environmental news and the rest of the Virginia news you need to know on the podcast. Podcast E15: State responsibility for the environment

This week: Charlottesville Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy is out at the state board of elections after some offensive tweets are found in his twitter history, we update you on the 2017 elections, and we discuss how local and state government has to step up for the environment in the wake of a Trump administration. 

This and the rest of the Virginia news roundup on the podcast. Podcast E14: RESIST: Trump and #NODAPL

This week on the for Virginia Podcast, the theme is RESIST, featuring an interview with our own Nic McCarthy, on location at Standing Rock. We also provide resources to help fight back against a Trump Administration. We focus on environmental news: fires and floods, solar projects and the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, and bring you the rest of your weekly news roundup.

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