Resolutions Package

Greetings Friends and fellow Band of Berners!  We are so grateful to all those who have offered their time in support of developing a package of resolutions for submission to this year's convention. We have 7 total that have now been submitted to the State Resolutions Committee:  

  • Increase Minimum Wage to $15
  • Universal, Single Payer Healthcare
  • Free and Fair Elections
  • Support for Nationwide Open Primaries
  • Opposition to the "Right to Work" Amendment to the VA Bill of Rights
  • Support for Affordable Education
  • Allocation of Superdelegates

For those with upcoming CD Conventions, please feel free to use this packet if you are able to submit resolutions from the floor. 

If you want to submit these resolutions (and we hope you will!), please do two things:

  • Contact your CD Chair now to confirm the process for introducing resolutions at your CD conventions. Some conventions, like the 4th, are not taking resolutions and are instead deferring resolutions to the State Resolutions Committee. Other districts have deadlines for submission that may have passed and will not accept resolutions from the floor.
  • If you ARE able to submit resolutions from the floor, please arrive at your convention early, check in with the Chair and ask about best process to introduce the resolutions. We are also looking into the possibility of providing an Executive Summary of all the resolutions - a tidy, one pager that you can share with delegates at the convention. Stay tuned for that.

A very special thanks to Alex, Tom, Josh, Mike and Kathleen for all of their wonderful hard work. It is actually a pretty incredible thing that a grassroots group has coalesced and generated work product like this in such a tremendously short period of time!!  Big Kudos to Mike for bringing us all together and creating the tools to help us succeed.  This is precisely the revolutionary action that Bernie had in mind.

Yay us! 

Please don't hesitate to comment below if you have questions. Do keep in mind that this package has been submitted to the State Resolutions Committee. Changes made locally are just fine - it will all get sorted out in the committee process.

Be Brave and Bern On!


I have an anti-corruption resolution with added teeth to submit.

I have completed the veterans resolutions.  Wondering if we might be able to submit along with the commenter above in a second set?

...for submission was yesterday, 5/7/16.  We are attempting to crowdsource whether there's an opening to submit two sets at any of the upcoming CD conventions. Crossing fingers!


Instead of free and fair elections, I would prefer it to say Verifiable Elections ,Virginia could have simple little printer print out two small copys of how you voted not including your name like maybe last 4 of SS number , one could be yours and the other you drop into a sealed box, should there ever be any question about the numbers in an election at least , there is  a way to verfiy voters wishes . Right now there is no way to check

Can I share these outside of this group?  Is all the information here at okay to circulate?

I found out the deadline for submitting resolutions in D9 was April 18th. I am going to try to file a complaint with the Rules Committee and urge them to have a later filing deadline and more notice in the future.  It was apparently posted in the Call to Convention but I couldn't even find that online until after the locality caucuses were complete.  Anyway, I'll be there in Richmond to support whatever I can at the state level.