About ForVirginia.org

We originally started ForVirginia.org in early 2016 as a way to provide information to Bernie Sanders supporters during the primary process. We recognized the need for a centralized location to disperse information and explain the political process for all of the various grassroots organizations operating throughout the state and on social media. We later decided to start our own Political Action Committee, or PAC, in order to raise money in order to fund our operations as well as contribute to candidates seeking office in local and statewide elections. We recognized the need to continue the Progressive Revolution that Senator Sanders spoke of, and have made it our mission to provide the tools and infrastructure necessary to keep Virginia citizens engaged in the political process.

We vow to uphold Progressive values and to focus on ways to create a political establishment that listens to the voice of the People, not the whims of the corporate donor class. ForVirginia.org advocates for policies affecting environmental stewardship, renewable energy policies, economic inequality, universal healthcare, electoral reform, racial justice, LGBT rights, and other social issues. Our goal is to provide a nexus for news and information regarding the issues affecting Virginia today, in order to help frame the issues, inform Virginia's citizens, and support like-minded political candidates at the local and state levels.