State Senate District 5 Primary Endorsement for Joe Lindsey

Voters in Virginia Senate District 5 need to take notice of a special election on July 9, 2016, from 10 AM to 2 PM. Two Democratic State Delegates, Lionell Spruill, Sr. and Joe Lindsey, will be vying for a spot on the State Senate vacated by Kenny Alexander, Mayor-elect of Norfolk. Both candidates have endorsed Hillary Clinton for President, but Joe Lindsey is by far the more transparent and progressive candidate.

According to the Virginian Pilot, “Since 2011, Spruill has spent $300,000 from his campaign account on numerous luxuries: a membership in a private business club, meals at Ruth's Chris steakhouses around the country, and more than $2,000 at high-end Richmond restaurants during legislative sessions. More than 90 percent of the money Spruill raised came from corporations, trade organizations or special interest groups.”

Spruill has made anti-Muslim remarks on the Virginia House floor, saying he doesn’t want to hear prayers of various religions, “especially those of the Muslim faith that I don’t care too much about." While he later apologized for the remarks, the fact that he made them is telling as to the kind of legislator he is. He also once refused to back a Democratic candidate running against right-wing GOP candidate Randy Forbes because the Democrat was an atheist.

Progressives need a candidate who will listen to all constituents’ voices and who has a record of honesty, openness and transparency. For this reason, the better candidate is Joe Lindsey. Progressives at the Virginia State Convention defeated Spruill in his quest to be elected to the Democratic National Committee, so now it is time to turn out to defeat him in the Democratic Firehouse Primary at the following polling locations:

  • The Kroc Center, 1401 Ballentine Blvd., Norfolk
  • Indian River Library, 2320 Old Greenbrier Rd., Chesapeake
  • Camelot Elementary School, 2901 Guenevere Dr., Chesapeake

No absentee ballots are permitted in this style of primary, voters need to turn out in person. Voters unsure of their State Senate District can check through this portal: Those wishing to contribute to or volunteer for Joe Lindsey’s campaign may contribute through his State Delegate portal:

More information on both candidates is available through and