Podcast E13: Virginia Economic Development Partnership

Our main story tonight is the scathing report on the Virginia Economic Development Partnership which claims millions in taxpayer dollars doled out to companies that failed to deliver on their promises. Public colleges face budget cuts and protests breakout across the state against Trump.

Progrssive Revolution For Virginia Pins

Budget / Education

CNU bracing for budget cuts next fiscal year

Proposed bill: In-state students take priority at Va. universities

University Of Virginia Faculty Shouldn't Silence Thomas Jefferson

Students, professors ask Sullivan to stop quoting Jefferson

State Police

Virginia State Police leader paints dire picture of agency

Appropriations Committee promises to restore money cut from Va. State Police budget

Other Headlines

Virginia suspends driver’s licenses in ‘unconstitutional scheme,’ class action says

Justice Department: Virginia may be punishing poor by suspending driver’s licenses

18 Companies Ask VA for Regulatory Clarification

McClellan announces run for McEachin's state Senate seat

Virginia ABC sales, profits up again

Virginia Hemp Crop Harvested for 1st Time in Decades

Main Story: Virginia Economic Development Partnership

Management and Accountability of the Virginia Economic Development Partnership

Virginia has been vulnerable to fraud for more than 2 decades, state auditors find

23 companies that got state grants in Virginia failed to meet performance requirements

State report: VEDP began vetting after Roanoke Times probe

Aiming for jobs, but firing blanks

Shame: Free Speech Deniers

Local lawmaker sends and deletes tweet mocking millennials, protesters

Fame: Protesters

Anti-Trump protesters march through streets of downtown Norfolk

200 rally in Blacksburg after election

NEW: HHS Students Lead Anti-Trump March, Protest




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