Podcast Episode 12: Right to Work Amendment, Dominion/DEQ Settlement, and Norment Changes Stance on Marijuana

Our last pre-election update covers the Richmond mayoral race and a settlement between Dominion and the DEQ over an oil spill. We interview Gina Maglionico of the AFL CIO about the so-called right to work amendment and give you this week's Shame and Fame.

Progrssive Revolution For Virginia Pins

Richmond mayor's race

Berry takes fundraising lead in Richmond mayor's race after $360K October haul Richmond has an Anthony Weiner of its own Jon Baliles says he's dropping out of Richmond mayoral contest in effort to block Morrissey Joe Morrissey pledges to continue campaign amid allegation of sexual impropriety Prosecutor: Joe Morrissey won't be charged with crime, but 'what he did was wrong and unethical'


Virginia Medicaid costs to rise again as governor prepares new push for expansion Administration: Medicaid needs another $281 million

Virginia Jails / Mental Health

Virginian-Pilot editorial: There's a widening effort to cover-up causes in Jamycheal Mitchell’s death A call for legislation and the outside investigation of all questionable deaths in Virginia jails


DEQ proposes $260,000 fine for Dominion’s two January oil spills in Va. Dominion agrees to enforcement action over oil spill in Augusta County Dominion fined $260,000 for two spills in Virginia The Old Dominion deserves better from Dominion Electric

Right to work

Ballot question would enshrine state's right-to-work law in the Virginia Constitution Legislators rally for right-to-work amendment On the Ballot: Virginia Looks to Cement "Right to Work" Culture EDITORIAL: Changes can muddy Constitution

Shame: Tommy Norment on Marijuana

Powerful Virginia Senate leader: It's time to look at marijuana decriminalization Could Virginia lawmakers actually warm up to marijuana? Roger Chesley: Call for saner pot policies from a surprising source Norment makes waves on marijuana Three Biggest Reasons Tobacco Giants Eye Lucrative $50 Billion Marijuana Market Altria: Opportunity In The Market For Marijuana?

FAME: Election rights advocates

Civil rights groups create hotlines, use volunteers to answer questions for voters on Nov. 8 Groups Ensuring Effort into Safe and Secure Voting in Virginia Editorial: Republicans rig elections by suppressing minority votes