Podcast Episode 5

Thank you everyone for your continued support! This week we provide our usual news roundup, including the latest in McAuliffe's restoration of voting rights for felons, shame Richmond mayoral candidate Joe Morrissey, and rant on the continuing problems with the Hampton Roads Regional Jail and Virginia's mental health facilities. Happy Labor Day! Enjoy the show!

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News updates

Petersburg firefighters fear proposed cuts could cost lives

McAuliffe asks agency heads to propose budget cuts because of shortfall

McAuliffe sees Medicaid expansion, rainy-day fund as fix for $1.5 billion budget hole

Richmond candidates caught up in felons' rights issue OK'd to stay on ballot

Portsmouth Councilman Danny Meeks will not seek re-election, citing family

Norment proposes path to voting rights for nonviolent felons; McAuliffe calls it 'step backward

Norment: Take governor, and violent felons, out of rights restoration

GOP to high court: McAuliffe in contempt

Partisan Trends in Felon Voter Registration

Shame of the Week: Joe Morrissey

Virginia State Bar: Joe Morrissey fought sex scandal with 'knowingly false' defense

Editorial: Another allegation against Joe Morrissey surfaces

Poll: Morrissey leads crowded Richmond mayoral field

Joe Morrissey hasn’t won the Richmond mayor’s race — yet

Hampton Roads Regional Jail / Jamycheal Mitchell 

Virginian-Pilot editorial: Did the watchdog fail in Mitchell case?

Governor backs OSIG in complaint over Jamycheal Mitchell's death

Virginian-Pilot editorial: Questions abound one year after Mitchell's death

Inmate Jamycheal Mitchell died of heart problems and "wasting disease"

Virginian-Pilot editorial: How many must die at Hampton Roads Regional Jail?

Opinion/Editorial: Sensible way to investigate prison death

Editorial: We should be ashamed [Eastern State Hospital]

Reports detail reasons why Eastern State lost its Medicare funding

Kerry Dougherty: Being incarcerated at the regional jail should not be a death sentence

Editorial: Another inexcusable death in the Hampton Roads Regional Jail

Attorney General Mark Herring asks for federal investigation into Hampton Roads Regional Jail

HRRJ Board Members [empty page on official web site]

Wayback Machine copy of HRRJ Board Member page. 

Hazel: Jail inmate died within 24 hours of admission to state hospital


Labor Day

Stop Right To Work (For Less) In Virginia