Progressive Revolution Caucus Founders' Dinner

The DPVA State Convention is coming up in less than two weeks, and a few of the Sanders delegates decided that we wanted to have a get together after convention for dinner. Most of us thought that the $150-a-plate Jefferson-Jackson dinner being sponsored by the DPVA was a bit out of our price range, so we decided to put together a more modest, $15-a-plate dinner. Since trying to organize a dinner for 20 people is a bit of work, we figured we go ahead and organize it properly, so we'd like to formally announce the Progressive Revolution Caucus Founder's Dinner. This will be a chance for all of the Sanders delegation to gather and decompress following the Convention, celebrate our gains over the past year and plot our continued success in Virginia state politics. 

The convention will likely mark the end of our formal role in the Sanders campaign, and we would like to use this dinner to help transition from this to what will be the beginning of a sustained movement to build a Progressive caucus from the ground up, starting with a few select local races this year and working our way toward House of Delegate elections in 2017. Help us keep the Revolutionary moving forward as we chart a path for Progressive candidates in local and state offices!

Details are still being worked out; we are looking at a few venues in downtown Richmond near the convention center. We currently have 25 seats reserved, and are hoping to have between 40-70 delegates present. Dinner will be scheduled for 7PM. Tickets will be sold at two tiers: the $15 Minimum level will include a small entree; the $27 ticket will include an additional contribution to the FVA general fund. We anticipate having a few speakers present; again, details are being worked out but we anticipate at least one Congressional candidate will be speaking. 

If you are interested, please RSVP through the event page. If you already have a account, please sign in first. People without accounts can sign in using only their email address.