Podcast Episode 7: Virginia Power Policy, SOL scandal,

Thank you everyone for your continued support! We resume our interviews with Virginia energy policy expert and blogger Ivy Main, and provide our usual week in review with updates on the Hampton Roads Regional Jail and news of several schools accused of manipulating standardized testing. Enjoy the show! Podcast Episode 6: McDonnell, Dominion, and Labor Unions

Thank you everyone for your continued support! This week we provide our usual news roundup including the latest on Bob McDonnell; shame Dominion for locking out workers, and rebut the Right's war on Labor Unions. Enjoy the show! Podcast Episode 5

Thank you everyone for your continued support! This week we provide our usual news roundup, including the latest in McAuliffe's restoration of voting rights for felons, shame Richmond mayoral candidate Joe Morrissey, and rant on the continuing problems with the Hampton Roads Regional Jail and Virginia's mental health facilities. Happy Labor Day! Enjoy the show! Podcast Episode 4

Thank you everyone for your continued support! This week we provide our usual news roundup, talk about Virginia's budget crisis, Syrian refugees in the state, and interview Democratic challenger for Virginia's 50th House of Delegate district, Lee Carter. Tune on in! Podcast Episode 3

Week 3 is up and live. This week we have news updates, an interview with Appalachian coal-country activist Matt Skeens, and talk about state and city finances. There are lots of show notes below the fold as well. Thanks for your support!


FVA Podcast E02 and show notes

We'd like to thank everyone that tuned in for last week's inaugaral podcast. 

The Four Pillars of Progressive Values

The four "basic" pillars of progressive values are freedom, opportunity, responsibility, and cooperation. It seems pretty simple, but what exactly does it mean when it comes to "being a Progressive"? 

Announcing our new weekly podcast

We've been planning it for some time, and last night we finally sat down and put together our first podcast! We'd like to present the first of what we plan on being a weekly series of half hour news programs on progressive politics in Virginia. In this week's episode, we talk about why we started ForVirgina and what we hope to accomplish; why this November's elections are crucial beyond just the Presidential race, and give a bit of history of corporate cronyism in the Commonwealth with our review of coal tax subsidies in the state. 

Adventures in PAC-ing II: Campaign Finance Reports

Running a PAC isn't just all guts and glory. No, apparently it involves paperwork. Lots of paperwork. I just finished our first quarterly campaign finance report for the Virginia State Board of Elections, and man, it wasn't fun. My main gripe with the process is with the website, for which end-user experience must have been an afterthought. The workflow design must have been performed by a sadist, as most basic data entry tasks involved multiple steps through prerequisite click just to perform an entry.

Progressive Revolution For Virginia Pins

We have an additional box of Progressive Revolution buttons that we created for the 2016 DPVA convention. These 2.5" pin-backed buttons are available by making a donation to For Virginia on ActBLUE. A single button can be yours for $5, each additional button is only $1 more.


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