On An American Oligarchy

As I digest the news of the FBI investigation targeting Governor McAuliffe, I recall the old political maxim: the scandal isn’t what’s illegal; the scandal is what’s legal.

In our Governor’s case, a New Jersey based company owned by Chinese billionaire-politician Wang Wenliang contributed $120,000 to McAuliffe’s gubernatorial campaign and inaugural committee.

State Senate District 1 Primary Endorsement for Shelly Simonds

State Senator John Miller passed away unexpectedly last month, and a special election has been announced to fill his seat. A Democratic primary will take place on June 14 between the current Delegate in the Peninsula's 93rd district, Monty Mason and Newport News School Board member Shelly Simonds.

Progressive Revolution Caucus Founders' Dinner

The DPVA State Convention is coming up in less than two weeks, and a few of the Sanders delegates decided that we wanted to have a get together after convention for dinner. Most of us thought that the $150-a-plate Jefferson-Jackson dinner being sponsored by the DPVA was a bit out of our price range, so we decided to put together a more modest, $15-a-plate dinner. Since trying to organize a dinner for 20 people is a bit of work, we figured we go ahead and organize it properly, so we'd like to formally announce the Progressive Revolution Caucus Founder's Dinner.


Site updates: Meta tags and CAPTCHA

We've added a metatags module to change the way that Facebook and search engines show links to the site. Previously FB would pull text from the latest post, which led to some non-sequiturs on posts. From now on FB links to the front page should appear as

It also appeared that the CAPTCHA was appearing on user logins. Since we only wanted the CAPTCHA to prevent bots from registering accounts, we have removed this. 


Resolutions Package

Greetings Friends and fellow Band of Berners!  We are so grateful to all those who have offered their time in support of developing a package of resolutions for submission to this year's convention. We have 7 total that have now been submitted to the State Resolutions Committee:  


Thank you for your interest in ForVirginia.org, and in establishing a plafform for Progressive political action in the state of Virginia. We are currently soliciting contributions and recruiting members for our operations, which will include volunteer training and mobilization, and direct candidate support in Virginia's 2017 General Assembly and statewide races. We have filed with the Virginia Department of Elections as a unattached State Political Action Committee under the name For Virginia.

Adventures in PAC-ing

Whew, what a week. After several reads of Virginia's Campaign Finance Disclosure Act, calls to the Virginia Department of Elections and the IRS, and several visits to the bank, we're able to get our paperwork off to the Board of Elections, and are now officially operating as a Political Action Committee!


May is here: conventions resolutions, delegate news, and we're forming a PAC!

Hello everyone. Recently it seems lke I've been juggling so many balls up in the air right now, and I just wanted to give a quick update to everyone to let you all know what's going on with the Revolution this coming month.

Site updates

We require admin approval of new user accounts, and we're getting a number of bot-generated spam accounts in our lists. To combat this, we have added a CAPTCHA to the new user account form. Hopefully this will stop the spam accounts, if not, further changes will be need.

We've also fixed the time zone and set date and time displays to match US standards.



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