Registrations re-enabled

We've cleared out the dozens of spam accounts that were inadvertently allowed to register and have re-enabled new user registrations. Anyone having issues with the CAPTCHA should contact us through our Facebook page. 



New user registrations disabled

We've seen a huge number of spam user registrations over the past few weeks and are disabling them until we can resolve the situation.

Please contact us through our Facebook page or Youtube channel if you have any comments.


Adventures in PAC-ing II: Campaign Finance Reports

Running a PAC isn't just all guts and glory. No, apparently it involves paperwork. Lots of paperwork. I just finished our first quarterly campaign finance report for the Virginia State Board of Elections, and man, it wasn't fun. My main gripe with the process is with the website, for which end-user experience must have been an afterthought. The workflow design must have been performed by a sadist, as most basic data entry tasks involved multiple steps through prerequisite click just to perform an entry.

Site updates: Meta tags and CAPTCHA

We've added a metatags module to change the way that Facebook and search engines show links to the site. Previously FB would pull text from the latest post, which led to some non-sequiturs on posts. From now on FB links to the front page should appear as

It also appeared that the CAPTCHA was appearing on user logins. Since we only wanted the CAPTCHA to prevent bots from registering accounts, we have removed this. 


Site updates

We require admin approval of new user accounts, and we're getting a number of bot-generated spam accounts in our lists. To combat this, we have added a CAPTCHA to the new user account form. Hopefully this will stop the spam accounts, if not, further changes will be need.

We've also fixed the time zone and set date and time displays to match US standards.


Convention Delegates / site updates

Quick notes on todays delegate deadline and work on the site

Mission update: general plans and solicitations

I just wanted to thank everyone who has already expressed interest here at I was a bit surprised to see so many people already created user accounts, and I just wanted to take a few minutes to let people know what our plans are and solicit your feedback.


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