Convention Delegates / site updates

Today marked the filing deadline for delegates to the Democratic Party of Virginia's Congressional District and State Conventions. We've been coordinating an effort with the various Virginians for Bernie groups across the state to try to get someone to fill every single allocated delegate spot that Sanders won during last month's primary. We don't have numbers yet, but based on my experience here in Hampton I think we have likely fallen short of 100% participation. While our last-minute ditch to find some delegates may have been thwarted by some seriously strong, cold wind, we think we were successful in reaching out to people in some of the other areas of the state. We know that all the seats in Suffolk were filled, and it's likely that York County did as well thanks to the help of Barbara Parcell. Sandra Kassen came close to filling Fairfax County's 109 seats and deserves recognition for all the help she did there and in Alexandria. Areas that hit their mark according to our operatives were Harrisonburg (Alex Hulvey), Roanoke (Monica Thomas), Fall Church (Joyce Migdall), Loundon County (Randy Ihara). In all, we can account for 215 of Bernie's 740 delegates. Great job to everyone that contacted their local DPVA committees, got people to sign up, and answered endless questions on Facebook or phone. I'm sure we'll all sleep well tonight. And of course, thanks to everyone that filed.

Localities that had more filers than seats will whittle those people down at caucuses through next weekend, then it's on to District conventions in May. We'll be working on resolutions for those, so please let us know what issues are most important to you in the comments and we'll figure out where to go from there. State is June 18th in Richmond, and after that we should have our 33 Bernie and 62 Clinton delegates to the DNC convention in Philly this summer. (That will not be a cheap trip...)

Just a few housekeeping notes about the site: We've tested our site backup and recovery processes, and have also set up a testing site for deploying and validating changes. These steps will ensure that our platform is stable and reduces the chance that something gets borked by mistake. I've also configured friendly URLs to make things more readable both for humans and search engines, and have also deployed a WYSIWYG editor for content writers. We still need to get an SSL certificate to make user logons and sessions secure; that is on the priority list and will probably happen soon. 

We are still looking for volunteers to help steer this ship and man the helm. Leave a comment or contact me directly if you want to help out. 



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Is there a place here to share resolutions for constructive feedback?

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I found the correct post and shared a Resolution pertaining to Superdelegates.