May is here: conventions resolutions, delegate news, and we're forming a PAC!

Hello everyone. Recently it seems lke I've been juggling so many balls up in the air right now, and I just wanted to give a quick update to everyone to let you all know what's going on with the Revolution this coming month.

Conventions are coming up for some CDs in less than a week, and we wanted to provide an update to those of you who are going or running for DNC slots, or writing resolutions. We had a long-overdue conversation with our DPVA-Sanders liaison and have some additional information. First off, we mistakenly understood the resolutions process for the District conventions, and may have missed some important deadlines to get resolutions submitted. In general, every District writes their own rules. Not every district has a resolutions committee, and those that have them have their own due dates. We may be past the point of being able to put any forward; individuals at the state level will need to do their own homework to figure out what can be done. 

One note of import: Districts may not have rules against submitting resolutions from the floor of the convention. Each district needs someone familiar with the rules that can help us determine this. We need volunteers from each district to do some research: contact each District Chair and ask for the rules. 

I have the rules for CD2, and am in contact with the CD 2 chair regarding deadlines. I will update this post with the links and details when I have more info. Please provide any updates for your CD in the comments.

Beyond that, we still have the opportunity to submit resolutions directly to the DPVA State Resolutions Committee. We still have at least two weeks left to finish these up, so if you're working on one, thanks for your help and keep it up!

Delegates from the grassroots will have their best chance of making the DNC convention at the district level. According to our sources, the candidate campaigns traditionally select their slate of at-large State delegates according to their wishes, and while everyone has the ability to run independently, it is uncommon or unheard of for the campaigns not to get their full slates approved. We may be able to overcome this if we all back the same person and stand together, so let's discuss that. There will be seven at large delegates selected in June.

And we have decided to take to the next level in our organizing, and are taking the steps to necessary to form a state Political Action Committee. That's right, we're forming a PAC! Our primary motivation at this point is to be able to run funds and operate as a non-profit organization that will be able to influence state elections. I've already spent well over a hundred dollars out of my pocket to get this web site up and running, and I'll probably be throwing a few more into get this formalized before we get to the June convention. I've got a list of tasks to do in the next week or two to setup our ability to raise funds: a PO box, IRS UIN, bank account, ActBlue account, and so on. 

For the time being, my official role will be treasurer, which means I will be responsible for tracking income and expenditures and reporting to the Virginia Department of Elections. I am in discussions with a few individuals about forming a steering committee and putting together our leadership structure, so anyone who has any interest in that can reach out to me.  As a state PAC we'll be focusing on non-federal elections, so for now, we'll work on supporting down-ballot races for this November, mainly any City Council or Mayoral races that will be voting this November. After that we'll turn our attention to the Virginia House of Delegates in 2017.

Our decision to run as a State PAC will limit our ability to provide monetary contributions to any Congressional Candidates this November. I'm still familiarizing myself with VA DoE and FEC rules; we may be able to contribute a certain percentage or in-kind donations to a certain point, but I want to be clear that the plan at this time is to build our movement up from the ground up, and that means supporting candidates at the lowest level of government. I would greatly appreciate any input from someone familiar with campaign finance.

I hope you'll join us as we take the next step on a journey to transform Virginia politics.


I would love to be on this PAC steering committee.

Other Bernie organizers and I had recently been discussing the necessary steps in forming a PAC, very excited to see you have already taken the first step! Sign me up as an interested party for becoming a member of the steering committee. 

Though their focus is on federal seats of Congress, I wonder if there wouldnt be some way to coordinate with Brand New Congress.

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Reach out to them. I've already reached out to the Working Parties Family. Need to hit them on Twitter again to see if I can get a callback. 

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Some of you may have heard of Progressive leader Paul Wellstone, those of you that haven't shouldn't know that he was a college professor, community organizer, and US Sentator who was instrumental in building Progressive leadership. He died in a tragic plane crash several years ago, but some of his surviving friends and family have carried on his work with the Wellstone Action, where they train Progressive around the country in workshops designed to build effective campaigns and leaders. They've released their manual for free, so I suggest that everyone give it a read through and we can disuss more. 

Hi everyone, are we coordinating with these two groups?




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Matthew, I'm not personally active on Reddit, but I think Monica Thomas is and is getting the word out for us. If you would like to get the word out as well, please feel free to do so on our behalf.