Podcast E15: State responsibility for the environment

This week: Charlottesville Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy is out at the state board of elections after some offensive tweets are found in his twitter history, we update you on the 2017 elections, and we discuss how local and state government has to step up for the environment in the wake of a Trump administration. 

This and the rest of the Virginia news roundup on the podcast. Podcast E14: RESIST: Trump and #NODAPL

This week on the for Virginia Podcast, the theme is RESIST, featuring an interview with our own Nic McCarthy, on location at Standing Rock. We also provide resources to help fight back against a Trump Administration. We focus on environmental news: fires and floods, solar projects and the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, and bring you the rest of your weekly news roundup.

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Tags: Podcast E13: Virginia Economic Development Partnership

Our main story tonight is the scathing report on the Virginia Economic Development Partnership which claims millions in taxpayer dollars doled out to companies that failed to deliver on their promises. Public colleges face budget cuts and protests breakout across the state against Trump. Podcast Episode 12: Right to Work Amendment, Dominion/DEQ Settlement, and Norment Changes Stance on Marijuana

Our last pre-election update covers the Richmond mayoral race and a settlement between Dominion and the DEQ over an oil spill. We interview Gina Maglionico of the AFL CIO about the so-called right to work amendment and give you this week's Shame and Fame. Podcast Episode 11: Morrissey, McAuliffe, and voting. Oh my!

Thank you everyone for your continued support! 

Let's talk about voting, and the upcoming elections. Richmond's mayoral race goes further into the gutter. Gov. McAulliffe gets drawn into the Clinton email scandal, and we provide updates on environmental and jobs news, including our regular news roundup. Podcast Episode 10: Congressional, energy and enviromental updates

Thank you everyone for your continued support! 

We talk about the presidential race and its impact on VA congressional races, discuss possible rolling blackouts for Dominion customers during our energy and environmental update, and explain the so-called 'right to work' amendment on this November's ballot. This and our regular news roundup, coming up next. This is the 4va podcast. Podcast Episode 9: Dump Trump

Thank you everyone for your continued support! We can't avoid talking about the fallout from the Trump meltdown on the upcoming election. We also update you on state budget woes, Richmond and other locality elections ,and give you our usual week in review. Enjoy the show!

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Tags: Podcast Episode 8: Abuse Allegations against Delegate Rick Morris

Thank you everyone for your continued support! We cover the abuse allegations against Delegate Richard Morris, an exodus from the State Police, Senator Norment's strong-arm tactics against a mental health group home,and provide our usual week in review. Enjoy the show!


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